Albany Times Union

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“Amanda from Albany’s Time Union newspaper sat down with Stacey to talk about her Appetite for Life book recently and she shares the lively Q & A with readers.   Q:  What is the biggest obstacle to getting kids to eat healthy and how can parents overcome it?  A:  The most important think is an awareness that (the current method of trying to get kids to eat right) is not working.  It’s easy to focus on the vegetables.  Parents will come to see me and say their kids won’t eat the vegetables.  But you have to dig deeper.  Often, they’re not eating as a family.  They’re not getting enough sleep.  There are a variety of issues.  It’s not just about the vegetables.  This isn’t about telling the kids they have to be healthy.  That’s boring.  You have to start to engage them in ways they can process.”  Click source link to read the full article.